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Metulla in northern Israel

No better way to see Israel than by driving!

Grapes for wine, Israel

Gain independence, freedom of movement, and a sense of adventure. Set your own pace as you explore Israel by car. Independent tourists can change plans on a whim: too hot to tour, try the pool.

Tip: Always pack a swimsuit, walking shoes, and sunscreen.

Worried about security? You can program your GPS to avoid sensitive areas.

Roadblocks: Sometimes roads will have military or police roadblocks. These roadblocks are clearly marked. You slow down the car and wait to be waved through or asked to show ID papers. Always carry your passport.

Speciality tour guides: As a supplement to your car trip, hire tour guides for half or full day tours.

Hire a tour guide to explore ancient caves.

Drive-Israel is for you, the independent traveler to Israel. Accompanied by Israel road maps, this site guides youHandmade chocolate, Israel along Israel's routes, indicating worthwhile stops. With Drive-Israel as your touring resource you will be able to experience free wine tastings at intimate wineries, taste freshly made goat and sheep cheeses, pick fruit and berries from the vine, relish handmade fine chocolates, discover ethnic craft and jewelry studios, explore the souks (open air markets) – and the list goes on.

As one of our readers recently told us, there is no better way to see Israel than by driving.

Glass flowers, IsraelCheck out Road Services for tips on where to find ATM cash machines,wireless internet access, 24/7 supermarkets — and all those nitty gritty details that can make or break a trip.


Outdoor market, Israel









…too hot to tour – try the pool.

Dan River, Israel