Painted Wood Designs

Kakadu Designs on Wood

CoolTip: Always call in advance to ensure opening times. If you cannot get there during regular hours, request an appointment. You will find that most studios are accommodating.

 Rte 38 Israel map

Kakadu Designs (no. 6 on map)

The studio and outlet shop of world-famous Kakadu Designs is located on Moshav Zafririm off Route 38. Kakadu Designs, started in 1990 by a husband-wife team of carpenter/artist, respectively, creates highly colorful, exquisitely designed products on wood. See the artists at work and buy from their outlet shop.

Kakadu Designs

  • Moshav Zafririm off Rte 38 on Rte 3544. Look for signs inside the moshav.
  • T: 02.999.8922
  • Open hours: Daily 9:30 – 16:30

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