Road Services

Road Services

Gasoline Facts

At approximately $1.50 per liter or $6.00 per gallon, gasoline prices in Israel are twice that of the U.S. (There are 4 liters to 1 gallon).

To reduce your gas bill (about 10%) at the pump in Israel, look out for the self-service pump. By law, all gas stations must provide at least one self-service pump. If you have trouble figuring out the fill-up procedure, do not hesitate to ask an attendant for help. Even though this is self-service, you will be helped (and with a smile) – if only to make room for the next customer.

24/7 Convenience Stores

Paz Gas Stations in Israel

Look out for Paz Gas Stations, identified by the blue and yellow logo. Most of the Paz chain of gas stations have Yellow Stores on the premises. The stores stock dairy products, bread, basic pharmaceuticals, newspapers, cold soft drinks, and some ready to go food. Most of the sealed items sold in the stores are kosher; they are open, however, on Shabbat.

Menta Convenience Stores, Israel

Menta is the chain of 24/7 convenience stores located at the Delek Stations. Similar to Yellow stores, Menta often has a sit-down cafe with fresh sandwiches, coffee, pastry, soft drinks available.


WiFi Service

Yellow Convenience Stores in Israel

Most Paz stations have wireless internet service available for free in the Yellow stores.

Dor Alon Gas Stations Israel




Dor Alon Gas Stations offer WiFi service.


ATM Cash Withdrawal

Paz stations offer ATM cash withdrawal inside the Yellow stores. There is no ATM machine: you must ask for cash withdrawal at the cash register. Present your credit/debit card, declare the amount you want to withdraw in Israeli Sheqels, and receive cash. Each transaction costs 3.50 NIS.

Espresso, Latte, Turkish Coffee to Go

One of the best parts of a road trip in Israel is the easy accessibility of Italian and other gourmet coffees. Most gas stations have your choice of java to go, or to enjoy on the spot, from espresso, to latte, to Turkish coffee, also known as cafe botz (mud coffee). Mudlike coffee grinds sink to the bottom of the glass (never served in mugs), hence the nickname.