Rent A Car in Israel


Car Trips in Israel is your key to exploring Israel and unlocking her hidden treasures. At we take you off road, route by route, and show you where to find Israel's national parks, camping sites, Israel's boutique wineries and sheep cheese farms, as well as Israeli artist, jewelry, and craft studios, Israel's rural bed and breakfast inns, and adventure and extreme sport sites. Tour Israel by creating your own itinerary.

Brought to you by the co-author of Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Israel: The Ultimate Family Sourcebook and a founder of @The Source Israel Online Magazine, the information in represents years of research, contacts, and travel throughout Israel. Bar & Bat Mitzvah in Israel
And with all these years of exploration and research, I am constantly
amazed at the creativity and unflappability (new word alert!) of my
fellow countrywomen and men. Rent a car in Israel, travel the country, experience the sights, and meet the people.

Enjoy your journey!

Rent A Car in Israel

Roads in Israel are well-marked in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, by route number and destination. When you rent a car,
you have the freedom to create your unique trip and to alter it in real
time. If a site interests you more than expected, stay longer; when a
site disappoints, cut the visit short. Hot day? Head for the swimming hole and scrap the tour.

Our Israel self-guided tours
are meant to give you confidence to rent your own vehicle and create
your very own magical experience in this multi-hued country.

Car Insurance

insurance on rental cars is often covered in your charge card – VISA,
AMEX, Mastercard – plan. However, read the fine print. Recently, the
charge card companies have excluded Israel from the list of countries
in which you are covered through your charge card. Be sure to contact
your charge card company before you arrange your car rental. If your
charge card company does insure car rentals in Israel, be sure to print
out the agreement where this is stated. Read the fine print on the VISA card , updated June 2006.

Text from the updated VISA fine print:

When and where do I have this benefit?

This benefit is available on a 24-hour basis, in the United States and most foreign countries. No benefit is provided for motor vehicles rented in Israel, Jamaica, the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland.
Additionally, this benefit is not available where precluded by law or
in violation of the territory terms of the auto rental agreement or
prohibited by individual merchants.
regulations vary outside the United States, we recommend you check with
your auto rental company and the Benefit Administrator before you
travel to make sure Visa Auto Rental CDW will apply.

Text from current AMEX fine print:

Coverage is for theft of or damage to most rental vehicles. The
collision damage waiver (CDW) or similar option offered by the
Commercial Car Rental Company must be declined. This coverage is excess
to your other sources of insurance and applies for the first 30 days of
an auto rental if rented from a Car Rental Company. No coverage is provided for vehicles rented in Australia, Ireland, Italy, Israel,
Jamaica, and New Zealand. Certain vehicles are not covered and other
significant exclusions apply. Coverage is only available to permanent
residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin

Car rental insurance from
credit card companies is a constantly changing scene. Before you shell
out unnecessary funds in insurance coverage, or worse – under insure
your rental – call your credit card company.

Toll-free Helplines for Credit Card Information

  • Mastercard: 800-622-7747
  • Diners Club: 800-346-3779 or 800-234-4034
  • Visa: 800-847-2911
  • American Express: 800-528-4800

Caveat emptor!

last point: If you discover that your credit card company does in fact
cover collision and liability, and there is no need to purchase
insurance when you rent, be sure the insurance is not included in your
rental rate. Know what you are paying for.

International Driving Permits

Car rental companies in Israel accept a valid driver's license from the U.S. and most other Western countries.

Accessory List

Besides four wheels, we highly suggest the following equipment:

  • directions
  • road map of Israel