Pick Berries, Talmudic Village, Ethnic Restaurant

Here is a slice of the Western Galilee that starts out with berry picking and brings you to an ethnic Lebanese kosher restaurant.

Accommodation Options:

Rent a Vacation Villa in the Western Galilee

Stay at a Bed & Breakfast Suite in an historic Templar building

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From the central part of Israel, enter the Trans-Israel Highway, marked Rte 6 on maps, the only toll road in the country, and the fastest way to travel. The road is not completely built yet, and sections are always being added. There are no toll booths here, but rather the road operates with an Easy Pass system that reads the licence plates and sends the bill to the driver. Rental cars may use the road as well, and the rental agency will deduct tolls and a service charge from the credit card you left on account.

Exit Rte 6 at the most northern exit, and turn right onto Rte 65 which will take you through Wadi Ara, a stretch of road with Israeli-Arab villages on both sides. The largest of these towns is Um-Al-Fahm. Do not hesitate to use the gas stations and services along the way.

At Megiddo Junction, turn left onto Route 66. Megiddo National Park is located on the left side of the road – a good place to stop and stretch.

From May to June, we suggest you pick berries at the Zak Family Farm located on Moshav Sde Yaakov. If this is berry picking season, continue to Route 722 and make a right turn.

Look for signs to Moshav Sde Yaakov, a Jewish religious moshav.

Return to Route 722, turn right to Rte 75, continue to the left turn to Rte 77 which leads to Beit Lehem HaGlilit, once home to Templar German settlers.

Head now to Zippori National Park , the most prominent city in the Galilee region in the year 37 BCE, and the site of Mona Lisa of the Galilee.

Continue on Rte 77 to HaMovil Junction and turn right to Rte 79.

Drive into Moshav Zippori and follow the signs to the antiquities.
April-September: 8:00-17:00
October-March: 8:00-16:00
Tel. 04.656.8272

For a meal in an unusual restaurant with an even more unusual story behind it, head for the hills in the Misgav Region.Return to Rte 79, turn right and go past HaMovil Junction until Rte 784. Turn right onto 784 and follow the widy road past the turn off to Rte 781. Stay on 784 until the sign for Cornit on the left. Turn left, follow the road until reaching the gates of Moshav Shechenya, where the Twins Restaurant awaits you.

Originally from Lebanon, sisters Micheline and Maya, have created a special gastronomic and cultural locale. Besides the excellent Lebanese specialities you will savor here, the restaurant tells this family's incredible story of their escape from Lebanon. To ensure your places, phone ahead to reserve.

T: 04.999.8220


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