Multi-Media Workshop

Toy Workshop, Israel


The emphasis of each workshop is on creativity and the creative process. Each participant will take home a finished product, having learned along the way how to work with various materials. Part of the workshop may be held out of doors, weather permitting. Your inspiration will come from the magnificent scenery surrounding the workshop area. Wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty.

Meet the Artist Workshop, Israel

Meet the Artist

Aarale Ben Arye is an interationally acclaimed multi-media artist whose large environmental sculptures can be found in numerous parks in Israel. His smaller indoor art has been featured at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, Yeshiva University Museum, New York, and galleries around the world. More information about Aarale Ben Arye can be found on his website.

Projects to choose from include:

  1. Toy making: During this workshop each participant will create a toy made from wood, metals, and rubber.
  2. Metalwork: Learn how to work with steel, copper, lead, tin. The techniques you will learn include soldering, welding, shaping, nailing.
  3. Mobile creation: Learn how the techniques of creating mobiles from wire and wooden parts. During this workshop, the emphasis is on the technique of assemblage, the combination and inclusion of different materials.
  4. Earth and nature workshop with earth bing a primary material, as well as natural objects found in the area.
  5. Softstone: Learn the techniques of carving and sculpting on chalk and limestone.

Toy making workshop, Israel

  • Minimum age: 12 with parent
  • Maximum no. participants: 20
  • Length of workshop: 2.5 hours
  • Light refreshments served.

The workshops, particularly suitable for families celebrating Bar or Bat Mitzvah events, are customized to meet the needs and requests of each family.

Aarale's Workshop Rates

  • Private workshop: $380
  • 2-4 participants: $540 total
  • 5-10 participants: $780 total
  • 11-20 participants: $1200

Workshop dates: Reserve your time and date. Only by pre-registration. Maximum 20 persons per group.

Aarale's studio is located on Moshav Zafririm (6 on map).

Click here to arrange your Art Workshop with Aarale.

Kiss Shop Stop Alert: Buy original art pieces by Aarale in his studio.

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