Wood Workshop, Judean Hills

Kakadu Painted Wood Art

Kakadu Painted Wood Workshop


Car trip of Rte 38, IsraelHandpainted clock, Kakadu Designs, Israel

Kakadu Design Studios (no. 6 on map), under the artistic direction of Reut Shahar, invites family groups to create their family art project at Kakadu headquarters on Moshav Zafririm or at at a location of their choice in Israel or abroad.

The workshops, particularly suitable for families celebrating Bar or Bat Mitzvah events, are customized to meet the needs and requests of each family.

Projects may be worked on individually, or as a group. The workshop includes an explanatory talk by Ms. Shahar, tour of the studio, and all art supplies. Light refreshments are served, although arrangements may be made to serve a festive ethnic meal at the end of the workshop.

To arrange your Kakadu Design Workshop , please contact us.

Read more about the Kakadu Workshops.

Handpainted challah board, Judaica by Kakadu, Israel

Kiss Shop Stop Alert: Buy Kakadu Design products at the source at Kakadu headquarters, or shop for Kakadu online.

Handpainted charity box, Kakadu, Israel

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Wood Workshop, near Jerusalem, Israel

Kakadu Painted Wood Art

Kakadu Painted Wood Workshop


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