Hulda Pioneers Museum, near Rehovot, Israel

Outdoor Museum in Hulda Forest

A video presentation explains the development of the area in the face of Arab rioting and plundering in the 1930s. Farming in the area was difficult as water resources were scarce. Besides the video, an outdoor museum, replete with lifesize figures tells the story of Kibbutz Hulda, Arab riots and murders, the hardships endured by the farmers, and how the water supply problem was solved. 

Hulda Outdoor Museum

The outdoor museum never closes. Follow the numbered signs along the path and among the lifesize figures populating the forested area.

Hulda Forest

  • Sunday — Thurs: 9:00 – 16:30, with the last entry at !5:30.
  • Video languages: English, German, Hebrew.
  • T:  08.941.4083

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Recommend Restaurant: Beit Herzl Restaurant

  • Open for dinner only, Sunday thru Thursday at 18:00 until 22:00.
  • Call for reservations.
  • T:  08.941.1211

Rehovot, Weizmann Institute of Science 

CoolFor the full tour, go to Rte 40 North: Or Yehuda to Rehovot to Lakiya