Hotel, Kibbutz, Zimmer, B&B, Villa for holiday in Israel

Show me your select accommodations!

Most tourists in Israel stay at one of the hotel chains in the
major cities. Before you book your reservations, consider staying at
small, one-of-a-kind family-owned accommodations that are situated
throughout the country. Israelis love these boutique-y places – and you
can get to know them too.

We have done the legwork and checked each of our accommodations listings. As we visited – and continue to visit – each bed and breakfast establishment, self-catering unit, guesthouse, kibbutz accommodation – we met some of the warmest, most hospitable people in Israel.

As you will discover, some units are luxurious, some are meant for
couples, and others are outfitted for families. We try to give you a
complete picture of the vacation property, so that only pleasant surprises await you on arrival.

Each vacation lodging unit
is shown within the context of a road trip so that you can plan your
independent travel schedule optimally. Choose from our wide variety of
hand-picked accommodations and make your vacation an experience you'll
always enjoy remembering.

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tell us what accommodations you require

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