Escorted bike trip from Jerusalem to Eilat, Israel

Guided and escorted bike trip over 8 days, 7 nights. Choice of dates:

Nov. 16-23; Dec. 14-21, 2008; Jan. 11-18, 2009; Feb. 15-22; Mar. 15-22; Apr. 19-26; Nov. 22-29; Dec. 13-20, 2009.

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Jerusalem to Eilat by bike, Israel 

Day 1. 18:00 meeting at your hotel near Jerusalem for introductions, briefing, and dinner. D.
Lodging: Hotel Kessem Hadafna , Ein Karem, Jerusalem.

Day 2. Walking in Jerusalem. Your guided tour in Jerusalem is an
essential introduction for those whose knowledge of Israel’s history is
not complete. In the morning you will visit observation points round
the city, then will visit the Old City to see the important sites of three religions. In the afternoon
you will see the caves of the City of David. B
Lodging: same as last night.

Day 3. Cycling: 30 km/19 mi; one medium ascent (4 km/2 mi. 200
meters vertical); the rest flat or descents! Transfer from Jerusalem
(elevation – 800 meters) to the flat land (250 m ASL). See the Judean
Hills and descend to Emek Ha'Ella (Valley of the Godess) where David
defeated Goliath 3000 years ago. You will spend part of the morning
visiting the Roman city of Eleutropolis, exploring the breathtaking
man-made caves of Tel Maresha, and taking pictures in the famous
bell-shaped caves of Bet Guvrin. After emerging to light again, descend
by bike from the southern tip of the Judean Hills straight into the
Judean desert, and to the desert town of Arad. Today’s highlights
include Bet Guvrin, the natural and man-made caves of Amatsiya, views
of Arab and Jewish villages, Yatir Forest, Sussiya, beautiful views of
the Judaean desert, and the ancient ruins of Tel Arad. BL
Lodging: Hotel Margoa Arad, Arad.

Map of bike route from Jerusalem to Eilat, IsraelDay 4. 
Cycling: 60 km/37 mi. flat or descent; 2 hours in Masada on foot; 2
hours at Mount Sodom by foot. Optional: 67 km /42 mi. of cycling
including the great descent from Arad to Ein Bokek (22 km downhill!)
Masada is a fascinating archaeological site with breath-taking views,
and a
heroic story to tell; it inspires an ideological debate, and it has
much to do with the spirit of Israel. Enjoy an awe-inspiring
early-morning ride from Arad to Masada, then can climb up Masada via
the Roman ramp. See the reconstructed sites, and enjoy spectacular
views of the Dead Sea, the Moab mountains, and Jordan across the
African Rift Valley. Descend Masada on foot or by cable car to Ein
Boqeq on the Dead Sea shores, where you can have a light lunch at a
lovely private spa, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the water’s
healing power, and to laugh in the amazing experience of buoyancy.
Enjoy a relaxed ride from there to Idan and Hatzeva, successful
agricultural settlements on the Jordanian border, struggling to
persuade the next generation to stay put. Dinner possibilities include
Fata Morgana and your unique moshav. BLD
Lodging: Ya'arat Hade'vash Hatzeva, or Lilach Gottfeld Hatzeva.

Day 5. Cycling: 134 km/83 mi., flat morning and a very hilly
afternoon. This morning you can challenge the Scorpion Ascent where
Biblical and Roman roads crossed the mountains. This is Israel’s
steepest road with a 1 in 10, 500 meter climb over 5 km. Of course, you
can take the support vehicle if you prefer! You will then cycle through
the odd geological formation, the Machtesh which resembles a giant
crater, only it's not a volcano. Time permitting before sunset, pay a
short visit to the beautiful mosaics and wall painting of the ancient
Nabatean village of Mamshit. BLD
Lodging: The Ramon Inn,  Mitzpe Ramon.

Day 6. Cycling: 83 km/52 mi. Cycle over the mountains of the
Negev and across the desert. Part of a 22 kilometer descent, from the
heights of the Negev, to the Red Sea at Eilat. Early morning optional
hike on the edge of the cliff will let enthusiastic nature lovers see
the 1500 ft cliff at sunrise, with a good chance of meeting wild ibex
and soaring griffons. The cycling begins with a magnificent descent
from the hotel into Machtesh Ramon Crater, followed by a wonderful road
through the Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve. Fabulous ride through wide
open Uvda wilderness in a wonderful landscape. BLD
Lodging: Kibbutz Ketura, Hevel Eilot; or Kibbutz Lotan, Arava Valley.

Biking through the Arava Plains, IsraelDay 7.
Cycling: 60 km/37 mi. Take an early morning optional camel ride in the
desert, then cycle through the southern portion of the outstanding
Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve. The colors of the granites and sand
stones look as if an uncensored hallucinating artist painted them.
Ancient copper miners left their camps, shrines, melting workshops and
mysterious rock engravings here. You can ride through all these,
pushing your pedals towards Eilat where we will have a luxurious last
night. BLD
Lodging: Royal Beach , or Le Meridien, Eilat.

Day 8.  Snorkelling, transfers and farewells. Sleep in late or
wake early with an option to snorkel and explore some of the most
beautiful reefs of the world. The narrowing of the Red Sea rift valley
makes for a spectacular natural wind tunnel, perfect for wind surfing.
Finish after lunch, in time for afternoon flights (optional) back to
Tel Aviv.  BL

Read the Small Print:

Cost: US$3745, per person, includes 8 days, 7 nights, 7
breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, luggage handling, van and guide
support, maps and route notes.

Route notes: A moderately easy ride, punctuated frequently with
interpretive stops. Advanced riders may pursue longer options and

Self-guided option: Not currently available

Single Occupancy: US$745

Bicycle rental: Hybrid or mountain bike: $195. Road bikes are not recommended.

Start:  Hotel Kessem Hadafna, Ein Karem near Jerusalem, 18:00,
Day One. One hour by taxi from Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) Airport. We
recommend arriving before noon Friday or after dusk Saturday, to avoid
public transport shortage and other inconveniences associated with

Finish: Eilat, 13:00, Day Eight, on the Red Sea in southern
Israel, a 30 minute plane ride back to Tel Aviv (optional). Car rentals
are also available.

Best Months:    November to March.

All details are subject to change without notice.

Contact us for registration and payment details.