Rte 90: Road trip to Eilat, Red Sea, Israel

Art by Israeli artistsRoute 90 spans the entire country from Metulla in the north on the Lebanese border, to Eilat in the south on the Egyptian border. Rte 90 skirts around the western shore of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), continues through the Beit Shean Valley, passes next to Jericho and down the Israeli side of the Dead Sea, where it begins the journey through the plains of the Arava, finally reaching Eilat. The climate changes from cool mountain air to the increasingly hot climate of valleys, plains and desert, readying you for an immediate jump into the cold Red Sea waters.

From the high mountain region of Metulla to the flat plains of the Arava, you'll need to wear and then discard various layers of clothing.

WinkAlways pack swimming gear when you travel throughout Israel.


CoolRemember to bring your mobile phone – comes in very handy when the gate is locked – just call the number posted – and in you go!

Rte 90 / Rte 40 Junction

[1] Kibbutz Ketura

Keren Kolot of Kibbutz Ketura designs touring programs of the Negev for families and groups. Overnight accommodations along with hiking, star gazing, desert education can be arranged.

  • T: 08.635.6658

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[2] Yotvata

[3] Timna Park

[4] Eilat