Ecotourism in Israel

Ecotourism lodgings and activities are developing in the north and south of Israel. 

Israel's Eco-friendly Lodgings

Eco-friendly accommodations offer at least one aspect of ecotourism such as solar panels, eco-friendly construction, use of natural materials or materials that are environment friendly, water saving technologies, and use of local raw materials.

Desert overnights: Stay in a luxury yurt imported from Kazhakstan.

Israel's Eco-friendly Activities

See the Night Sky Tour in the desert beyond Eilat: Lie down in the desert with the sound of wolves in the air, and look up into the night skies with aid of professional astronomy equipment.

Sea Kayak and explore the Mediterranean coast: Self-propel your kayak past the waves and paddle parallel to the shore. Explore ship wrecks, grottoes, small islands.

Bike the hills and plains of Israel for one day or many days. Custom bike tours are created to meet your abilities and schedule.

Go spelunking in caves from the Second Temple period.  Discover columbaria, ancient wineries and olive oil presses. Crawl, walk, explore, and rapell into caves.

See Israel from new heights in a hot air balloon flight above the desert or the Dead Sea.

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