Church of Notre Dame, Judean Hills, Jerusalem

Travel in Israel: This 20th Century church was built on the site of a Byzantine church in the town of Abu Ghosh.

 Nataf to Eshtaol, Israel map

Church of Notre Dame of the Ark

(No. 2 on Map) 

This 20th Century church in the town of Abu Ghosh was built on the site of a Byzantine church; it is said to be the last stop of the Holy Ark on its journey with King David to Jerusalem. Mosaic art and murals depict this scene.  Visitors are welcome throughout the year.

  • Open daily: 8:30-11:30; 14:30 – 17:00
  • Overnight accommodations: Single and double rooms are available.
  • T: 02. 534.6070

Abu Ghosh 

Abu Ghosh is a properous  Christian and Moslem Arab village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Popular among Israelis from around the country, the Middle Eastern restaurant of Abu Shukri is famed for authentic hummous (chick pea salad) dishes. Packed over weekends! Bakeries with Middle Eastern delicacies, and nargilla (water pipe) smoking areas – on low couch-like seating – are also worth exploring.