Guided Cave Tours

In order to explore Israel's cave systems that are not within the national park system, we strongly suggest you do so with a licensed guide. The area around  Beit Guvrin National Park has many open caves which are accessible if you know what you are doing. For your own safety, do not explore this area on your own!

We offer a half day guided caving tour by jeep. Activities can be modified to meet your requirements. For your convenience and to optimize your time in the field, the half day tour below begins and ends at an ethnic eatery (choice of kosher and non-kosher) but is not included in the tour – after all, you do not need a guide to eat a good lunch! Park your car, climb into the jeep, and SPELUNK!

Spelunking in the footsteps of Bible Heroes

  • Go spelunking in the land of David and Goliath
  • Explore caves and columbaria
  • Visit pre-historic agriculture sites
  • Stomp and press grapes into wine
  • Press olives and extract virgin olive oil

Contact us to book your Guided Cave Tour.