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Eco- and Organic Treasures of the Arava, Israel

Travel on the Arava Road along the Israel-Jordan border in the south of Israel to see desert agriculture, organic farming, eco-friendly tourism. Explore the ancient Spice Route. Spice Route, Eco- and Organic Treasures of the Arava

Rte 89: Wine Tour in Galilee, Israel

The Upper Galilee region in Israel is rich in culinary adventures — from wine tasting, to cheese sampling, and berry picking. Tour boutique wineries, alongside larger ones which already export their well-reviewed products abroad. For a complete overview of the

Explore Israel: Upper Galilee region in Israel

Explore Israel. The Galilee region of Israel is filled with adventure sports on the water, mountain climbing, biking, as well as gourmet specialities to savor. With an endless list of adventure activities, culinary highlights, winery tours, superb accommodations, a trip

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Pick Berries, Talmudic Village, Ethnic Restaurant

Here is a slice of the Western Galilee that starts out with berry picking and brings you to an ethnic Lebanese kosher restaurant. Accommodation Options: Rent a Vacation Villa in the Western Galilee Stay at a Bed & Breakfast Suite

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Rte 89: Tombs of the Righteous

Although a bit like a treasure hunt, seeking out Tombs of the Righteous can lead you into wooded areas in the Upper Galilee. Biriya Forest, behind the ancient town of Safed and the 100-year-old village of Rosh Pina, has numerous

Israel Road trip to olive oil press, ancient cistern

The areas off Rte 40 and Rte 3 are rich in hidden treasures. Among the highlights of this car trip in Israel are [1] Almaz Ethiopian Craft Center, the town of [2] Ramle to row a boat in an ancient

Explore Trappist monastery, winery, Jerusalem plains

Explore Foothills below Jerusalem This tour takes you into the foothills before the ascent to Jerusalem to explore wineries, a monastery, outdoor tank museum, stained glass studio, sheep cheese farms, and a unique Arab-Israel community. Note: Not all wine produced

Holy Land tour in Judean Hills, Jerusalem

This tour takes you into the hills surrounding Jerusalem to explore [1] goat cheese farm in Nataf, [2] 12th Century church and Christian sites in the Arab village of Abu Ghosh, [3] boutique winery HaMasrek in Beit Meir, [4] Flam

Rte 3: Road trip from Tel Aviv to Ashkelon, Israel

The intersection of Rte 3 and the Jerusalem–Tel-Aviv Highway, Rte 1, going south, presents a combination of gourmet and historic sites well worth exploring. The route takes you to [1] Latrun Monastery, Domaine de Latrun winery, the outdoor Latrun Tank

Rte 90: Road trip to Eilat, Red Sea, Israel

Route 90 spans the entire country from Metulla in the north on the Lebanese border, to Eilat in the south on the Egyptian border. Rte 90 skirts around the western shore of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), continues through the