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Pomegranate Wine, boutique winery, Israel

Fruit of the vine made from red pomegranates in an exclusive boutique winery on Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra.

Marzipan Museum

During the months of January and February, the almond tree blossoms and blooms with delicate pink and white flowers. The trees symbolize Tu B'Shvat, the New Year of the Trees. Kfar Tavor, an agricultural settlement in the north, opened a

Precious Gemstone Jewelry

Handmade Gold and Silver Jewelry  

Silversmith Jewelry

Yotzrim Silversmith Jewelry, Wood Creations, Ceramics

Rte 89: Tombs of the Righteous, Safed, Israel

Although a bit like a treasure hunt, seeking out Tombs of the Righteous can lead you into wooded areas in the Upper Galilee. Biriya Forest, behind the ancient town of Safed and the 100-year-old village of Rosh Pina, has numerous

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Mountaintop Art Studio, Golan Heights, Israel

Mountaintop Art Studio  

Mountain Biking in Israel

Consider the idea of exchanging your auto wheels for bicycle wheels and experiencing select parts of Israel on two wheels instead of four. Here are some exciting, yet reliable, bikers to consider.  

Tour Israel by ocean kayak

Kayak the Mediterranean with Saggi and Omer, two professional kayakers who have traveled the world by kayak. Join them for an early morning row from Herzliyya to Apollonia. Open all year in just about all weather. Equipment is supplied. Showers

All Terrain Vehicles and Jeep Tours, Israel

Golan Heights Safari HaGolan offers self-drive all terrain vehicles, accompanied by a professional guide, and fully insured. Night drives, picnics, whole day, or one hour options. Suitable for handicapped participants All vehicles are insured. T: 04.687.1687

Horse Riding & Ranches

Golan Heights Nov Horseback Riding is located on Moshav Nov in the Golan Heights. Suitable for all ages and levels. Horseback riding lessons offered. Short and longe rexcursions available. Closed on Saturdays. T: 04.676.3569; 052.647.7009