Babylonian Jewry Center, Israel

Iraqi Jewry from Babylonian Times to the State of Israel

The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

Rte 40 / Rte 412 Junction

Or Yehuda is a small working class town just off Rte 40, on Rte 412. Hidden away, on a quiet street, find The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center, a history-rich museum of the Jews of Iraq, from ancient times to the 1940s, when many of the members of this well-established, wealthy community were forced to emigrate to pre-State Israel.

Rte 412

The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

83 Ben-Porat Road, Or Yehuda

  • Sunday-Thursday: 8:30-15:30

  • Tuesday: 8:30-19:00

  • T: 03.533.9278/9

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Or Yehuda, Museum of Babylonian Jewry 

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